What’s drawing visitors to Göltürkbükü and Bodrum Peninsula?

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The rich history and a host of boutique hotels in the Bodrum Peninsula on Turkey’s south-western coast is increasingly drawing intrepid jet setters to its storied shores.

Göltürkbükü is only a 45 minute drive from the peninsula’s new airport Milas Airport (BJV). The road weaves along Turkey’s south-western coast with views of the endless blue of the Aegean Sea.

Local fishermen pull up on the beaches and white stucco homes are just visible, highlighted with streams of floating purple bougainvillaea.

This small fisherman town Göltürkbükü and Bodrum was hidden gem until early 1980’s not only for foreign visitors but also for Turkish visitors.

Göltürkbükü is at northwest of Bodrum Peninsula and is now popular with the jet set; its beachside cafes and bars come to life after sunset.

Göltürkbükü has only 3000 population in winter. And Bodrum Peninsula has a population of 150,000, which soars to about a million in the summer.

Every year early June, superyachts are moored in the harbour.

Bodrum has been dubbed the St Tropez of Turkey. But its history is much more complex than St Tropez. Bodrum is the birthplace of Herodotus, the father of history, in the fifth century BC.

You can visit local food market run by villagers from the surrounding area every Monday at Göltürkbükü.

You can take a boat tour to virgin bays and you can swim among hundreds of fish species.

You can eat freshest and most delicious sea food in Göltürkbükü restaurants.

After sunset nightlife starts in Türkbükü cafes by the sea.

You can make a sight­seeing tour of its landmark Bodrum Castle (Castle of St Peter) and the Museum of Underwater Archaeology. Bodrum castle was built from the 15th century on by the Knights of St John (Knights Hospitaller). The museum is also inside the castle and it displays artefacts from the many shipwrecks found off the coast, such as hundreds of Roman-era amphora storage vessels, Islamic glassware, and Ottoman coins and pottery.

The amphitheatre is also a must-see. Every year most popular singers of Turkey are giving concerts in this magnificient acoustic atmosphere, with the breath taking view of Bodrum Bay.

Another must-see is the remains of the Mausoleum at Halicarnassus (as Bodrum was once known). The mausoleum, built around 350BC, was a huge tomb constructed for king Maussollos of Karia. It was one of the seven wonders of the ancient world and gave its name to all monumental tombs since.

You can visit Bodrum’s Tuesday textile market and buy yourself a traditional Turkish hammam towel (pestemal) for just a few euros.

You can also visit the ruins of several windmills up in the hills. These were used up until the 1970s to grind flour. From the windmills the view of the castle, Aegean and whitewashed ­houses is spectacular. City planning laws restrict building heights, and this has been vital in preserving the Aegean character of the town.

Bodrum peninsula have many small towns and villages which all have different different featured character. One is more entertaining the other is more calm. And every part of Bodrum gives different tastes in different months. Bodrum is a place giving different tastes each and every season.

Thats why the Cevat Şakir Kabaağaçlı’s famous poet is welcoming you at Bodrum Uphill.

“When you come to uphill, you will see Bodrum.
Do not think that you can go as you come.
Those before you were all like that.
They all left their minds in Bodrum…”
Halikarnas Fisherman
Cevat Şakir Kabaağaçlı 1890 –  1973

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The Dalmore 18 years old

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Günlerden bir gün, önemli bir gün ve kutlanacak bir şey var… Bu şişeyi açmak çok iyi bir fikir…

Eğer kutlayacak bir şeyiniz yoksa bu whisky şişesini açmanız bile mutlu olmanız için yeterlidir. Çünkü bu şişeyi açtığınız gün zaten önemli bir gün olacaktır…

• Meyve, baharat, vanilya, portakal kabuğu ve tatlı sütlü çikolata kokuları alırsınız.

• Damakta çikolatalı kuru üzüm, narenciye, çeşitli meyveler, karabiber tadı bırakır..

• Bitişte badem, tereyağı, elma ve kakao ile biten uzun, meyvemsi bir bitiş…

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Roku Gin – Suntory

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Takip Edin: twitterlinkedinyoutubetwitterlinkedinyoutubeFaros Bodrum’da tadabileceğiniz Roku Gin (43% alkol), Japon firması Suntory’nin ürettiği ilk cindir. 2019 yılında 3 tane gümüş madalya kazanmıştır. Roku japonca 6 demektir. Altı farklı japon bitkisiyle 4 mevsimi temsil eden tatlar verilmiştir. Bahar mevsimini andıran sakura yaprağı ve çiçeği, yaz mevsimini temsilen sencha çayı ve gyokuro çayı, sonbaharı hatırlatan sansho biberi, kış mevsimini temsilen de yuzu meyvesi kabukları kullanılmıştır. Ayrıca, ardıç, portakal kabuğu, limon kabuğu, kişniş, tarçın gibi geleneksel cin imalatında kullanılan bitkiler de kullanılmıştır. @suntory_rokugin
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Rate Disparity is Crucial For The Hotels

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Takip Edin: twitterlinkedinyoutubetwitterlinkedinyoutubeAre the hoteliers aware of the importance of “Rate Disparity” on the sales performance?

A research report shows that; 74% of the hotels in Dublin had rate disparity issues. %87 of hotels in London and %97 of hotels in Venice are offering cheaper rates in OTA’s. This is showing us that if the destination is selling good hoteliers dont care about “Rate Disparity”.

What do you think? Don’t we lose an opportunity to make more revenue and show a better sales performance?

No doubt, it has a big impact on hotels sales performance like all other industries. Most of my colleagues are aware of it but some are not. You can see from the screenshots attached to this article. (Screenshots 1,2,3,4,5)

Of course i will not declare the hotel names as my purpose is not to offend or embarrass any of my colleagues. Some are not aware of their current situation or maybe they are aware but they dont know what to do. Some just prefer not to speak about it as if it has no importance and they think life can go on without caring about it. Just like some ill people who dont want to go to the doctor because they are afraid to hear they are ill.

Every customer cares about rate disparity. Even rich people care more about what they pay and what they get. Price is what they pay and value is what they get. Nobody wants to pay more then its value if there is a way of buying cheaper the same thing.

Likewise all hotel guests are smart and their money is precious. They do check carefully “Rate Disparity”. Even sometimes the guests decide not to book your hotel if you are not offering a good deal on your direct booking channels. And if you are not aware what is the difference between your proposal to him and what he can see alternatively by metasearch sites, the guests thinks that its insulting. Your guests may lose trust in you. They expect more favorable direct offers especially from the brand / chain / managed hotels. Even and even isnt it a shame to present more expensive prices on your own hotel/chain/DBS website which has become the third OTA after two bigs; Expedia and Booking. You will lose out on your commission free direct bookings.

Rate Disparity is crucial for hotels’ sales performance.

“Rate Disparity” is crucial for hotels and for the guests too… Otherwise how can you explain the meta-search engines big bang? Metasearch engines are price comparison sites used to compare prices of different providers for the same product.

For its importance OTA’s are acquiring Metasearch engines.

  • Priceline (Booking.com) acquired Kayak for $1.8 Billion on 2012.
  • Expedia paid $632 million for %61.6 majority stake in Trivago in 2012.
  • China’s Ctrip has bought Skyscanner for $1.74 billion on 2016.
  • Priceline (Booking.com) Buys Momondo for $550 million to expand in Europe in 2017.
  • CTRIP and Booking.com forge global travel partnership

… and many other acquisitions or partnerships will continue on in the future.

Due to OTA consolidations, there are only two OTAs left today in much of the world: EXPEDIA and BOOKING.

Why does it happen?

Rate disparity is mostly caused because of administration. There are a few more factors that cause to rate disparity:

  • OTAs can run out of rooms or you forget to stop sales on wholesalers providing XML to B2B2C channels.
  • The wholesalers or OTAs can post your wholesale rates on sale with low markup.
  • Administrators who work with wholesalers’ or OTA’s market managers creates direct promotions and forget updating hotel’s website or other channels.
  • The OTA is using a different currency conversion rate than your hotel.
  • The OTAs use their commission in order to discount the rates that they are offering.
  • The revenue manager at the hotel accidentally links to the wrong OTA rate, by mistake creating rate disparity and helping the OTAs sell more than the hotel itself.
  • Sometimes OTAs and sometimes your channel manager may have errors on updating your prices or inventory.
  • The rates for some markets are presented in wrong geographical regions by technical errors.

What should you do?

Mostly disparity is caused by manual error and administrative issues. The key point is to stay on the top of the problem and knowing the hotel market. Every hotels disparity issues are different from each other. Knowing these you should follow these steps;

  1. Diagnosis… To understand the problem is the half of the job which is the hardest. Sometimes its hard to understand your problems yourself. You can receive counseling services from professionals.
  2. Contracts… You should check all the contracts with agencies and channels and be sure that all the channels have the same conditions. You should check all your room types, rate types and promotions.
  3. Distribution and monitoring… Then you should select the right technology provider and right setups to connect and distribute your rates and inventory. The right hotel technology will monitor the rates that are being offered on OTAs and other distribution channels, and adjust your own hotel rates accordingly. Its also important for to improve your administrative efficiency.
  4. Continious audits… You should check and test all the channels. Also you should use metasearch sites to check differnt dates every day.
  5. If your contracts allow you, offer a slightly lower rate on your own web site.
  6. If your contracts dont allow you to do so, at least keep tha OTA’a price same on your own web but you can offer more perks included in the price, like free wifi, parking, F&B or SPA discounts, transfer service. Or you can create a campaign code for discount and share with them by email or phone.


All the hoteliers need to care about Rate Disparity and to fix it.

But how? Let me give you a hint.

“Some of the wholesalers” are trying to get a piece of share from 2 big brother OTA’s. But they wont be successfull, because they dont know the Online Business as much as the 2 big brothers.

They are despairingly trying to cheat by low markup and sell with %1-2 cheaper prices. This share stealing has no continuity and will bring more trouble than its short term prizes. Even they will lose their wholesaler business to OTA’s too. As you all know this 2 brothers also started wholesaler business. So far they are doing good. But I can not say the same for the some wholesalers.

I beleive most of the hoteliers know these solutions. And do you?

For further information you can contact me  dorukaktoprak@hotmail.com

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Körfez Restoran Bodrum – Hasan Subaşı ve Ali Subaşı

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Takip Edin: twitterlinkedinyoutubetwitterlinkedinyoutube📌Körfez Restaurant’ın tarihi mübadele zamanına (1925-1930’lar) dayanır, Subaşı ailesinin Bodrum’a gelen ilk üyesi Ali Subaşı Girit’de çobanlık yaparmış. Kelle, teneke, lor… Çok özel peynirler yapmayı bilirmiş. Mübadelenin ardından Bodruma göçünce İskenderiye’ye yük götüren gemilerde tayfa olarak çalışmaya başlamış. *****

📌Bodrum’un ilk lokantasının sahibi baba Ali Subaşı’nın oğlu Hasan Bey, 1932 doğumlu, rum aksanı ile konuştuğu Türkçesi ile Bodrum aşığı bir delikanlı. Kokusu kültürü, sıcaklığı olan ülkelerle gönül bağı kuran Hasan Bey, ”Bodrum eski Bodrum değil” diyenlerden. ”Bodrum bizim zamanımızda kapıların açık olduğu herkesin birbirini tanıdığı bir yerdi. Hiç kapıları kilitlediğimizi hatırlamam o zaman. Şimdi ne mandalina bahçesi kaldı ne de yeşillik. Cevat Şakir babamın arkadaşı idi. Lokantaya gelir Rum ağzıyla “Bugün ne yaptın be Subaşı?” derdi. *****

📌Körfez Restoran Bodrum’un en güzel balık ve meze restoranlarından birisi. Çeşitli otlardan yapılan mezeleri, kabak çiçeği kızartmasını ve özellikle tavsiye edeceğim mürekkepli sübyeyi de tatmanızı isterim. Mürekkepli sübye bir Girit yemeği.

📌Hasan Subaşı halen Körfez Restaurant’da yılların verdiği birikimiyle oğlu Ali Subaşı ile beraber müşterilerine birbirinden güzel lezzetler sunmaya devam ediyor. Bodrum’u Bodrum yapanlardan biri olan bu restorana uğramanız şiddetle tavsiye edilir. Telefonu + 90 252 313 82 48



@alisubasioglu@korfezrestaurantbodrum #Bodrum#Mugla #Raki #Balik #meze #girit#BirTatliHuzurPaylaşın: FacebooktwitterlinkedinmailFacebooktwitterlinkedinmail
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